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One thing I like about being an entrepreneur is that my business life is full of surprises.

Take this as an example:

When we started 21Publish I envisioned that we would have lots of classrooms using the 21Publish multi-user portals as blogging communities. I thought that one student from the class  would set up a blogging community for all his classmates or his school as it is easy to do, inexpensive and lots of fun. That's what I thought.

Reality is that we have hundreds of teachers who have set up a multi-user BlogPortal for their students as a digital classroom or to learn how to communicate and share ideas with others on the read/write web. I believe what teachers like in particular about 21Publish BlogPortals is that students are able to post public and internal entries.

Just check out some of these classroom blogging portals:

North River School Blogs
East Central
Mr. Rimes Room

It seems that this is a great tool for teachers. For those interested in further insights in classroom blogging I strongly recommend Wills blog as a starting point to learn more about it and to find other experts in classroom blogging. 

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