akademie.de a leading german e-learning provider has launched a blog service for its members based on 21Publish. Patrick has done a great job in designing the portal homepage and by adding new templates for users. I love the concept of this company whose headquarter is in Berlin while many of their programmers are located in Thailand where it is nice and sunny (though I am not sure if Patrick wouldn't prefer to have it dark and cold ;) 

Thank you for choosing 21Publish.

On a seperate note I find it very inspiring and motivating to read sentences like this one:

"Can you believe the good fortune! After searching for months, we finally found what we were looking for in a blog package. Now we are thrilled to announce that our members can build their own blog for FREE! Go ahead - build yours today!"

which I found on a newly created portal from New Jasper.

In terms of new developments we will shorly introduce a few new features like email blogging per category and a completely renovated template management including lots of new templates.

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