google adwords sucks

Everyone I am talking to who has ever used google adwords is totally annoyed about it. The interface is total crap, it is really difficult to navigate. But the worst thing is that you never understand why some adwords are ok while others are on hold or disabled. In many cases it makes no sense at all. And sometimes when you launch new campaigns adwords are on hold within three minutes after launch without any explanation why. For the average user there is no transparency at all.
It’s an interesting concept that a product that is so user friendly for the non-paying customer is so user unfriendly for the customers that google makes their money on. As long as google is able to deliver the traffic they obviously  do not need to care about advertisers satisfaction.


on  May 17, 2005  at  5:25 PM

I agree. I've been trying to launch a campaign for for some time. I wanted one campaign that would bring up my ad when someone types in "" or ""; as I was doing a special on domain names. However, within seconds of submitting these keywords they were "disabled". How can they not be performing well if the account's only been active for a few seconds? Even more annoying is that my competitors are using these same keywords with no problems. It's also very expensive to compete with adwords. There are leading competitors that are paying up to $10 a click just to keep the competition off the first page.
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on  July 15, 2005  at  4:30 PM

When Goolge Adwords sucks why do you still have them on the top of your page?
If you can't make money with them it doesnt mean other do not!
Myself getting a whopping 35'000 US$ income on adwords every single month.
Use your brain!
on  July 22, 2005  at  1:32 AM

My biggest hangup on Google Adwords is all their screening. There should be absolutely no reason why they screen out keywords. It's plain and simple. You, the customer, should be able to bid on whatever keywords you want and have whatever ad you want and never have an issue with performance. When I run an ad in the newspaper, they don't track how well it's doing. They don't care. You bought the ad, you get the space. Google's been playing games the whole time. It's all a front if you ask me. Their seach engine isn't that impressive. In reality, I've used software for libraries at a couple universities that would put Google to shame for how they're able to dish out relevant results. And if you want to get anywhere on their engine, you end up playing such a joke of a game that it turns everyone who plays it into either geeks or internet trash. Adwords has to change if you ask me, but so does everything else at Google.
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