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Unstructured information in Knowledge Management

Torsten has pointed me to a short entry on Jeff Nolan's blog:

"Actually, what I've been speculating is that blogs wikis search is a new knowledge environment for companies to use for collaboration, and one of the side effects will be to cast aside the formal hierarchical organization structures for more effect ad-hoc ones that companies typically operate on anyways."

Organizations try to structure information processes and knowledge management through hierarchies as well as classic knowledge and document management systems. But filing and archiving knowledge is obviously something that people do not like too much. I even have problems to file documents in a consistent and structured way on my own computer (that's why desktop search is such a success). Also a lot of information gets lost or deviated by classic ways of reporting

Open communication systems like an internal blogging service or as we call them a "corporate blogosphere" make unstructured information accessable, findable and archived. You get a lot more information on the surface and through collaboration features create new "unstructured" working groups. The way information processes and the emergence of sub communities in the blogosphere work is the best role model to show how organizations could benefit.

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