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Intracompany blogging whitepaper

A bit late in time I came across this post by Fredrik Wacka on the intracompany blogosphere at the Dutch company Macaw.

We have just published a whitepaper on Intracompany Blogospheres that describes exactly the way that internal blogs are being used at Macaw. Especially I was very happy to hear that such a huge number of employees at Macaw are actually using their blogs. Our whitepaper "Your Corporate Blogosphere: Selecting a Solution to  Enable More Efficient Workplace Communication & Knowledge Sharing" can be viewed or downloaded here.

I like the way that our customer Mercury Interactive is approaching external as well as internal blogging. They started off with one external blog but have a portal in place that allows other associates to seamlessly start their own blog using the company's design. Using our system it will be very easy for Mercury to manage blogs for all of their employees and for associates to choose on the entry level if  a post should by an external or intracompany post.

For our future development we might pick up a thought that I have read in this post at Common Craft  which is to integrate a "Wiki This" functionality so that blog posts can contribute to a intracompany knowledge repository. I think this is an amazing idea!

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