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There has been some noise lately in the german blogosphere as 20six has announced to switch its platform to another system they already operate called myblog.de. The migration has taken place last Thursday. Some of the users stayed but quite a bit also have chosen to go with new blog systems such as twoday or the 21Publish operated bloghof. Some people have wondered how this would affect 21Publish.

20six and 21Publish separated 16months ago to pursue different business models. 21Publish today is a separate and completely independent entity with no influence on any decision taken by 20six and vice versa. Upon splitting the company the key technology remained the same but since then 21Publish has modified and developed the 21Publish software in many ways with respect to features, security and performance.

Shortly before splitting the companies, 20six had acquired myblog.de which is by far the fastest growing service in Germany. Most of the myblog users are teens. 20six has decided quite a while ago to focus on such a target group of predominantly young people from 12 to 17 years old who appreciate a software such as myblog with a lesser or different set of features.  Since the decision was made by 20six to migrate to a new platform, enhancements to their specific version of the software has been minimized while 21Publish’s software has continued to enjoy R&D improvements. Therefore the migration by 20six has no impact at all on 21Publish apart from the fact that we are losing a customer.

Although this is so it is a strategic decision I can understand. As providing blogs is 20six core and only business it is difficult and expensive to maintain and support two different systems.  myblog has proven to be extremely succesful for the  teen target group of 20six and therefore it was a logical step to take.

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